Studiomaster Club XS 8 Channel Mixing Console

Studiomaster Club XS 8 Mixing Console

IN STOCK: Price: The XS8 is a compact, portable mixing consoles featuring 10 inputs, Bluetooth connectivity, on-board DSP effects and USB/SD card playback and recording functions. 3 band EQ, 2 …

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Citronic CLP1200 600w + 600w, 12 input powered mixer

Citronic CLP1200 Powered Mixer

IN STOCK: £449:00 The Citronic CLP1200 is a stereo 600w + 600w, 12 input mixer/amplifier with in built digital effect programs. Featuring 10 mic/line channels and 2 stereo line channels, …

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Yamaha EMX5016CF

Yamaha EMX5016CF Powered Mixer

IN STOCK: £695:00 (Ex-Display) WAS: £984:00 The Yamaha EMX5016CF is a stereo 500w + 500w, 16 input mixer/amplifier with in built digital SPX effect programs. Live sound gear can be …

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