Line 6 Catalyst 100 (Bundle)

Line 6 Catalyst 60 Combo

£299:95 (While Stocks Last)

BUNDLE INCLUDES: Catalyst® 100 Combo | LFS2 Footswitch | Cover

Line 6 Catalyst 100

The Catalyst 100 combo amplifier performs like a traditional guitar amp, while providing the increased versatility of a modern amp, and features six Original Amp Designs crafted using our renowned HX sound design techniques.

The Catalyst® family includes three dual-channel combo amplifiers that perform like traditional guitar amps—while providing the increased versatility of modern amplifiers. The 100-watt Catalyst 100, which is perfect for practice, recording, and performing in small venues—there’s a Catalyst amp for every player.

Line 6 Catalyst 100

The Catalyst 100 is a powerful and sturdily constructed combo, equally suited for stage or studio use, and feature an XLR line output and a 4-channel USB recording interface. Also included are Boost circuits customized for each amp type, a dedicated Reverb section with six reverb types, 18 additional effects, an effects loop, a Power Amp input for using Catalyst as a powered speaker, MIDI capabilities, and power attenuation options for playing at any volume. The free Catalyst Edit app for desktop and mobile devices provides deep editing capabilities.

  • Dual-channel combo with 100 watts of power
  • Catalyst combos operate like traditional amps
  • 6 Original Amp Designs—pristine clean to modern high-gain
  • Dedicated Boost and Reverb sections (6 reverb types), 18 Effects
  • Power attenuator (half power, 0.5 watts, Mute) for reduced volume
  • XLR line output for pro connection to P.A. or recording devices
  • Effects loop and Power Amp input for integrating external devices
  • 4-channel audio interface
  • Free Catalyst Edit app for desktop and mobile devices

Controls: Amp Selector, Boost, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Channel Volume, Effect, Reverb, Master
Wattage: 60W – Built in attenuator with half power and 0.5w modes
Inputs: 1 x 1/4″
Headphone Output: Yes
MIDI Interface: No
Line Input: Yes
USB Connectivity: Yes
Effects Loop: Yes
Channels: 2

Effects: Yes
Reverb: Yes

Speaker: 1×12″ Line 6 Catalyst HC100
Impedance: 4 Ohms

Amplifier Weight: 11.8kgs

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