Tokai TB45 Thunderbird Bass


£299:95 (Pre-owned)

Tokai is a brand many will remember in the 70’s and 80’s as one of the sort after brands. Tokai made their name making  high quality replicas of Fender and Gibson instruments, which  competed favourably with the originals. Originally made in Japan, however in recent years they’ve moved most of their production to China to make the instruments affordable, but maintaining the  quality.

Simply put this is Tokai’s take on the Gibson Thunderbird bass guitar. This is the kind of instrument that is designed to take a direct hit from a medium sized explosive device and when you plug it in it’ll still be in tune and playable. Getting the obvious thing out of the way first, this isn’t a light bass, there are heavier on the market but from the weight of the guitar comes the ludicrous amount of sustain these guitars are known for.

The tone lies somewhere between a Rickenbacker and a Jazz bass, it has the bite/growl you might expect, but is complimented by a warm rich bottom end.

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