Chord NU2 Dual UHF Neckband & Lapel System

Chord NU2 Headband/Lavalier System


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Dual wireless microphone system with fixed UHF receiver and 2 belt-pack transmitters, supplied with a choice of neckband or lavalier (tie-clip) microphones. The receiver unit is compatible with standard 19″ racks using the included rack ears and front mounting antenna accessories.


1 x Dual Channel Receiver
2 x Belt-pack Transmitters
2 x Neckband (Headset) Microphones*
2 x Lavalier (Tie-clip) Microphones*
4 x AA batteries
2 x UHF Antennas
2 x Antenna Leads
2 x Rack-Mounting Ears
1 x Mains Power Adaptor
1 x 6.3 mm Jack/Jack Lead

* Available as a Neckband (Headset) or Lavalier (Tie-clip) System

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