Marshall RG-1 Regenerator

Marshall RG-1 Regenerator Pedal



A truly expressive effect. The washed-out, romantic sound of chorus and phaser is a pedalboard essential for any guitarist. The RG-1 is much more than the 80’s in a box. With its six modes you’re able to fully adjust chorus, phaser and flanger effects to your own personal taste. Want to take it further? You’re able to control the effect level with an added expression pedal and spread the effect even wider with a stereo output.


Six adjustable modes – chorus, M chorus, flanger, phaser, step phaser and V vibe
Separate speed and depth controls to tailor your sound
Robust, solid housing built for years of playing
Regeneration’ control to adjust the effect intensity
9v input with passive bypass
Stereo output and expression input for live control

Controls : Multi-mode selector switch, speed control, depth control, regeneration control
Power: 9v
Inputs: Input jack 1: guitar input, Input jack 2: expression pedal input
Outputs: Output jack 1: left/bypass, Output jack 2: right/spill
Width: 120 mm / 4.7″

Height: 65 mm / 2.6″
Depth: 55 mm / 2.2″
Weight: 0.51 kg / 1 lbs

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